UPDATE: DANIEL BRIGHTON’s original sentence for torturing a dog dropped due to legal technicality

- Australia -

OUTRAGEOUS UPDATE on Get Wild Experiences’ owner, 30-year-old DANIEL BRIGHTON (pictured below).

On Thursday, April 23, Justice STEPHEN ROTHMAN overturned BRIGHTON’s conviction for animal cruelty because his actions toward the dog did not constitute a crime and he ruled that the dog was a “pest animal.”

~ Original story

On January 16, 2016, two dogs entered BRIGHTON’s semi-rural Sydney property and attacked his camel Alice.

BRIGHTON caught one of the two dogs, a bull terrier, and he started a prolonged and repeated violent attack on the dog.

BRIGHTON hung the dog from a tree and stabbed him in the head and body with a pitchfork.

He then left him hanging while he took Alice to a vet for medical treatment.

When he went back to his mobile zoo, he realized that the dog was still alive so he continued to torture him and beat him with a baseball bat.

Then, he wrapped up the injured and wounded furbaby with towels, placed him in a plastic bag, and ordered an employee to bury him in the bush while the pup was still alive.

The RSPCA charged him with two counts of serious cruelty to a dog and in June 2019, in Campbelltown Local Court, this vile individual was found guilty as charged after a three-day hearing.

He received a record jail sentence of three years and four months.

7News reports that in court a witness said that BRIGHTON was laughing while he was attacking the dog.

BRIGHTON appealed and now the original sentence has been overturned as I mentioned above.

The killer WALKS FREE!

Needless to say that the decision has outraged animal welfare activists.

New South Wales Upper House MP Emma Hurst, from the Animal Justice Party, says an urgent review of the Crimes Act is needed.

She said: “This was a sickening act of animal cruelty.”

She then added: “Our weak laws in NSW allow for lenient sentences and little to no punishment for acts of abuse and violence. If impaling a dog to a tree with a pitchfork is not a crime in NSW, then we need to urgently review our Crimes Act. The community will not stand for this.”

BRIGHTON has always professed his love for animals, he has always admired the RSPCA’s work and he has even taught Animal Studies at TAFE (Technical and Further Education).


June 27, 2019

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