Unnamed animal abuser will not be going to jail for severely neglecting a dog and a cat

- Ireland -

The ISPCA (Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) announced that on Friday, October 2, a 35-year-old man pleaded guilty to charges under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

The defendant, whose identity has not been revealed, appeared at Ballyshannon District Court in relation to an incident that happened in February 2019 when the ISPCA and Ballyshannon Garda Station discovered a Boxer dog and a cat in a state of neglect.

The dog, later named Rosco, weighed only 20.4Kg. and the cat, an 8-year-old female later named Mindy, weighed just 2Kg.

After initial veterinary treatment, Rosco and Mindy were taken to the ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) and were subsequently surrendered into the care of the ISPCA.

The Irish Post reports that Rosco made a full recovery in the care of the ISPCA.

Sadly, Mindy was euthanized as the rescue for her came too late, and she did not respond to treatment for feline infectious peritonitis and a suspected tumor.

The ISPCA reports that Judge KEVIN KILRANE indicated that he will apply the probation act and said: “upon viewing the photographs of the living conditions inside the property, these animals were living in an outrageous state of filth and the ribs were protruding on the dog. This case no doubt has caused embarrassment to the defendant".

Judge KEVIN KILRANE only ordered the unnamed human trash to pay €832.00 ($978) in costs to the ISPCA and to make a voluntary contribution of €300 ($352) to the charity.

Ms. Denise McCausland, ISPCA Center Manager, said about the case: “Rosco was dangerously underweight on arrival with his ribs and hip bones protruding but his gentle and sweet nature shone through almost immediately as he rewarded us with a waggy tail.

We knew this lovely boy was going to thrive with care and attention. Although Mindy didn’t appear as thin, she was in fact very underweight and relished good food and attention she received on arrival. It would be a long road to recovery and we were ready to get started.”

Maybe Judge KEVIN KILRANE should experience a long period of time where he is not fed and have his ribs showing and then end up like Mindy!!!

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