Two zebras escape Circus Barley in Germany on October 2

- Germany -

Sadly, animals are voiceless, but their actions speak volumes. Animals who escape from the circus in which they are ‘prisoners’ just want to be free.

This story put a huge knot in my stomach.

On Wednesday morning, October 2, two zebras escaped Circus Barley near the northeastern town of Tessin.

Only one was captured and was returned to ‘prison’, the other one, named Pumba, went missing for many hours.

At some point Pumba was spotted on the A20 highway.

Inevitably and understandably so, this caused some commotion, I can only imagine how terrified she must have been.

Reportedly, the circus trainer responsible for the zebra attempted to subdue the poor animal but that failed.

Authorities then called the animal rescue unit of the fire department for assistance.

Ultimately, Pumba was shot dead.

The Guardian’ reports that the owners of the circus said they will press charges against the shooter.

Sky news published the picture of Pumba lying lifeless on the ground (last picture).

The animal rescue services have been widely criticized in Germany and there was a major backlash on the police tweet.


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