Two-month-old Miniature Dachshund stolen from his parents at gunpoint by two teenagers

- Colorado, USA -

On the late afternoon of Thursday, September 17, a 2-month-old Miniature Dachshund named Loki was stolen from his parents at gunpoint by two male teenagers.

Ms. Praveena Dewers and her boyfriend Shawn were walking their furbaby at a park at the Nettie Moore playground.

Fox 31 reports that Ms. Dewers said the two teenagers called out to her and her boyfriend from a car saying that their dog was cute and asked to take a picture with him.

These human trashes then drove off with Loki and pointed a gun at the couple warning them to stop trying to get Loki back.

Ms. Dewers said: “All of the sudden he starts to roll up his window, I was holding on to the leash, but he also pulled up a gun at the same time and he was like ‘just don’t, just don’t.”

Loki was taken near 12th and Utica.

As reported by Fox 31, Ms. Dewers described the vehicle ridden by the teens as a black damaged 2005 Saturn VUE.

Loki was born on July 3, and was scheduled to have his vaccines in the next couple of weeks.

If you have information related to this crime, please come forward and speak up.

Please call Crime Stoppers at (720) - 913 - 7867. Thank you!

Loki’s pictures shared from Nicole Fierro Facebook page

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