Two Italian truck drivers accused of animal abuse by Polish authorities

- Poland -

On Monday, November 4, Polish prosecutors have charged two Italian truck drivers with animal abuse after the two subjects took 10 helpless tigers on an exhausting journey through Europe.

The consequence of this cruelty is one dead tiger and the other nine are emaciated.

The drivers, MARCO A. and ALESSIO D., both abused the tigers by failing to provide them with enough food and water.

This trip was organized by a Russian citizen VAKHITOV F. He was also charged with animal abuse.

The truck with the felines left Italy on October 22 and was on its way to a Russian circus.

The drivers were unable to enter the border with Belarus because they did not have valid visa on their documents and failed to present sufficient veterinary documents.

The truck remained stuck for days with the poor tigers trapped in the cages unable to move. Eventually, one of the tigers died on October 29.

Last week a zoo in the western Polish city of Poznan took in seven tigers.

The other two felines are temporarily in the northern town of Czluchow.

Once all these poor animals recover, they will be sent to a special facility in Spain, which means more traveling, more stress and less freedom for these gorgeous, innocent animals.

Even the zoo is not sure about how many of these tigers will survive!

The Poznan zoo said on their Facebook page last week: “The tigers were emaciated, dehydrated, with sunken eyes, excrement stuck to their fur, urine burns, in a total state of stress, without the will or desire to live… Maltreated, suffering and humiliated.”

Local authorities have launched an investigation to determine whether animal protection laws were violated.


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