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Trooper Jonathan Maybin fell in love with the puppy he rescued from a wreck and adopted her

- North Carolina, Henderson County, USA -

On March 27, North Carolina troopers Jonathan Maybin and Tony Osteen responded to a horrible wreck on Interstate 26.

A car had crashed into a camper shell that had blown off a truck.

A small dog kennel with a puppy inside blew out of the vehicle.

When troopers located the furbaby, she was motionless but still breathing.

The injured pooch was wrapped up in towels and was taken to Western Carolina Regional Hospital.

She had a broken front leg, broken tail, a fracture on her rear tibia, and bruised lungs.

Since no one came forward to claim her, trooper Maybin initiated the adoption process.

The sweet pooch, now named Emory, has a new furever home and is expected to make a full recovery.

Thank you, trooper Maybin for adopting this precious soul!

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