TripAdvisor is on the side of captive cetaceans

The American travel and restaurant website company, TripAdvisor, Inc., announced that under their new policy, by the end of the year they will no longer sell tickets for entertainment venues that breed, import or capture captive marine mammals.

This means that tickets sales will be banned also for SeaWorld which has locations in Florida, Texas and California, Loro Parque in Spain and the Georgia Aquarium.

In 2016 TripAdvisor launched the company’s animal welfare policy which ended sales of tickets to attractions where travelers and captive wild animals have physical contact such as tiger petting and elephant riding.

Hopefully, this new and significant addition to the policy, will send a loud and clear message to other travel companies and will hopefully end this cruel industry.

Mr. Dermot Halpin, is the president of Experiences and Rentals at TripAdvisor, he said in a statement: “Our aim is not only to prevent future generations of whales and dolphins from being raised in captivity, but also to encourage the industry to move towards alternative models, like seaside sanctuaries, that will better provide for the needs of the current captive population."

*Voice For Us firmly believes that people contribute to animals’ abuse by visiting zoos, circuses, theme parks with animal shows, or ride animals as part of tourist attractions.*


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