TREVEON MARQUÉS HILLSMAN arrested for causing the death of a horse

- Texas, USA -

21-year-old TREVEON MARQUÉS HILLSMAN (pictured below), is finally in custody after he caused the death of a 10-year-old girl’s precious horse.

On Monday, January 6, HILLSMAN stole the mare from a stable in Brookshire, rode her to Fulshear and then back to Brookshire.

The poor horse was so exhausted that she collapsed outside H&E Equipment Services and died.

Employees called for help to desperately save her life.

According to Chron, a witness, Cody LeBlanc, saw HILLSMAN beating the helpless horse with a lead rope, punching her in the face and mouth and yelling obscenities at her.

He said: “He kept whipping and punching the horse harder and harder, so I yelled at him to not treat the horse that way.” Mr. LeBlanc called the police but when officers arrived, HILLSMAN fled the scene like the coward he is!

Mr. LeBlanc explained: “He took off running behind a house into the woods, and (police) lost him.” “I went with them to help look for the guy with the lights in front of my truck but could not find him.”

Police said the horse “was extremely exhausted, shaking uncontrollably and dripping sweat.”

On Tuesday, January 7, this vile criminal was located in a residence in Austin County and was taken into custody with assistance by Wallis police.

He was charged with animal cruelty, but it’s not the only charge he is facing.

The owner of the mare, Mr. Tony Henny said the image of his granddaughter’s horse lifeless on the ground is an image that will never leave his mind.

He said: "When people are cruel like that, there's something missing in them. That's not human."

I agree with you Sir!!!



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