Tormented and abused cat is now in the care of SCRAPS

- Spokane, Washington, USA -

On Tuesday, October 15, a man took an injured cat to the animal shelter ‘SCRAPS’ (Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service).

The cat’s pelvis was dislocated from his spine and his right hip was also dislocated.

The man claims he witnessed the furbaby being tormented and abused by young students of the Logan Elementary School on Montgomery Avenue.

Reportedly, he saw their faces but does not know their names.

Before being transported to SCRAPS, the kitten named Achilles, was first found by Karla Burns, a woman whose mother has been feeding Achilles for five years.

Karla said: "He's a beautiful cat, he's wonderful. But, he's always been a stray and he knows where the food is, so everyone in our neighborhood, our apartment complex feeds him."

She does not believe that students abused the cat and she does not understand why the man who took Achilles to SCRAPS made that statement.

At the moment, Achilles’ odds of recovering are 50/50.

He will need surgery to repair his tiny dislocated hip.

Despite the trauma the furbaby suffered, he continues to purr and rub his small face on staff’s hands at the shelter.

SCRAPS has now launched a cruelty investigation.

If it turns out that Achilles was in fact abused by students, regardless of their age, this crime cannot and must not go undealt with.

Please, give Achilles a voice.

Anyone with information about the incident please speak up!

You can email or report this animal cruelty case on (509) - 477 - 2532.

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*


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