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TORCAY RENEE FLETCHER arrested for callously abandoning a helpless adult dog in poor condition

- Texas, USA -

The College Station Police Department announced the arrest of 36-years-old TORCAY RENEE FLETCHER (pictured) in connection with the heartless and soulless abandonment of a helpless dog.

Police said that on the morning of Tuesday, August 22, 2023, College Station Animal Control responded to the 400 block of Boyett Street for an animal welfare concern. Upon arrival, an officer found an adult male Poodle mix, tan in color, “inside a wire dog kennel with a blanket draped over it.” The kennel was discovered between two dumpsters in a public parking area.

Police said the Voiceless Victim was in extremely poor body condition and needed emergency care.

Police and Animal Control reached out to the public for assistance in locating the monster responsible for the callous abandonment and thanks to a tip, police were able to get to FLETCHER.

As for the furvictim, Aggieland Humane Society has introduced him as Tahoka and has been publishing regular updates on their Facebook page.

As you can see from the heartbreaking pictures, when Tahoka was found, he was so skinny that he only weighed 3 pounds! The Aggieland Humane Society advised that Tahoka is now 7.4 pounds and “His foster mama is taking amazing care of him - she's even working with him on potty and leash training!”

FLETCHER was arrested on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, and booked into the Brazos County Jail on a Class A misdemeanor for Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animal. She was released the same day after posting a meager $4,000 bond.

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FLETCHER’s mugshot shared from the Brazos County Jail.

Tahoka's pictures shared from the College Station Police Department and Aggieland Humane Society.

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