Tiny owl found in Rockefeller Christmas tree hungry and dehydrated

- New York, USA -

A tiny owl was found in the branches of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree by a worker who was putting up the festive tree in Manhattan on Monday, November, 16.

His wife then called the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in the Hudson Valley and asked if they took in owls for rehabilitation.

Its director, Ms. Ellen Kalish met with the couple to pick up the creature.

The adult male Saw-whet owl, who is one of the smallest owl species in North America, was aptly named Rockefeller.

Rockefeller was found dehydrated and hungry and the center provided him with fluids and mice. His X-rays were all clear and he is doing very well.

Since Ravensbeard first posted about Rockefeller, they have raised more than $12,000 to help care for him and the other birds in their care.

In an update posted on Saturday, November 21, the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center wrote that Rockefeller had been moved to an outdoor location so that he could acclimate to the weather.

The post also read: “Today we are scouting locations and determining the best timing for his release, which will likely be tomorrow or Monday.”

6 ABC reports that Ms. Kalish told the Daily Freeman: “I just want to make sure he's well-fed before he goes. He was a little on the thin side when he came in. He probably hadn't eaten in a number of days. So I just want to make sure that he's at his best weight and health, and then he goes.”


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