TIMOTHY MOORE and RHONDA DEESE accused of letting their dog die from exposure to extreme heat

- Alabama, USA -

19-year-old TIMOTHY MOORE and 25-year-old RHONDA DEESE (both pictured below), are accused of leaving their dog outside in extreme heat with no water, shade, or shelter.

The incident happened on June 29, but the charges against these two despicable individuals were filed a few days ago.

According to court documents, animal control officers with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office received a report about a dog who was being kept in dangerous conditions and responded to a home on Old Lock Road to investigate.

In the front yard of the home officers found a deceased 1-2-year-old brindle Pitbull mix.

There was no water, no, shelter, no shed for this poor soul with temperatures being 110 degrees.

Deputies said the poor soul’s body temperature was more than 105 degrees.

A necropsy performed by a local vet determined the cause of death to be severe heat exposure.

The Sheriff’s Office obtained warrants for these two murderers and they were arrested and charged with second-degree cruelty to a dog or cat, a Class A MISDEMEANOR!!!

The duo posted bond an insulting $1,500 bond.

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