TIFFANY NICOLE CAMP arrested for burying her dog while still alive

- Virginia, USA -

On the night of Thursday, January 13, Ms. Crystal Price, of Cox Road in Dinwiddie, called 911 after seeing her next-door neighbor dragging a blanket that had inside something that was moving.

WTVR reports that Ms. Price said: “I looked out my window and saw my next-door neighbor pulling a blanket and she came down the steps, dragging it like there was something in it.”

Thankfully, County Sheriff's deputies were already in the area on another service call so they were able to respond rapidly.

They discovered a freshly dug hole which seemed to be a shallow grave about two feet deep.

One of the deputies unearthed a live Pitbull and rushed the furbaby to the Chesdin Animal Hospital off Ferndale in Dinwiddie county.

Another deputy remained on the scene and arrested 33-years-old TIFFANY NICOLE CAMP and charged her with one count of animal cruelty.

According to Ms. Price, CAMP said her dog was sick and already dead.

As reported by WTVR, CAMP got an earful from the animal control officer: “The animal control officer pretty much gave her grief, saying you could've taken the dog to the pound, and that it didn't have to happen this way.”

The furbaby is still at the hospital and is on an IV. According to the last check, the VOICELESS VICTIM “is still barely alive.”

Online arrest records show CAMP was denied bond and is still in Meherrin River Regional Jail.

Many thanks to Ms. Price who stepped in instead of looking the other way.

Voice For Us believes that those who do not report animal cruelty are just as guilty as those who commit it.

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