THOMAS WEST arrested after 33 dogs were found in horrific conditions and one was discovered dead

- Louisiana, USA -

Deputies with the Ascension Police Sheriff’s Office (APSO) have been digging into the past of 50-year-old THOMAS WEST (pictured below) and landed on the discovery of 33 dogs living in deplorable conditions.

WEST was arrested on Sunday, January 19.

WAFB9 reports that: “The 9News Investigators have learned this is not the first time deputies have responded to that same home about the dogs and a previous run-in with law enforcement is actually being credited with leading deputies to the awful discovery.”

Ascension Police Sheriff’s Office said that deputies were dispatched to a home on 10581 Martin Road to assist Cara’s House Animal Shelter with an animal cruelty case.

Ms. Allison Hudson, APSO spokeswoman, said that officers discovered one dead dog and 33 malnourished and underweight dogs with no food or water.

The abandoned property where these poor souls were found, is falling apart “with holes in the roof of the home, trash and buckets scattered all across the yard, a broken down camper wasting away in one spot, and assorted trash hanging in bags in a tree out front”, reports Scottie Hunter with WAFB9.

This is what the shelter’s president, Reagan Daniel, said about the surviving dogs:

“They are full of parasites just from living in the nasty conditions and they’re full of all kind of intestinal worms. They have bite wounds all over them because anytime you have that many dogs and you don’t have enough food, they’re going to fight, so a lot of them has infected open wounds. They’ve now been vaccinated and they’ve been started on de-wormer. They’re on flea prevention now and they’re on heart worm prevention now, so it’ll be a little bit of a journey to get them back healthy, but they will get there.”

WEST was charged with 33 counts of animal cruelty and was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail.

All dogs were taken to Cara’s House Animal Shelter for housing and treatment.

Anyone who wishes to help out the shelter with donations can visit their Facebook page


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