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THOMAS MÜLLER and wife criticized by PETA for injuries to a horse in preparation for breeding season

- Germany -

32-years-old THOMAS MÜLLER (pictured below) is in the spotlight but not for footballing reasons.

PETA has accused MÜLLER, a forward for the Bundesliga soccer team Bayern Munich, of allowing his horses to perform ‘unnatural sexual acts’ to sell frozen horse semen.

MÜLLER and his wife LISA (also pictured), a horse trainer who competes in events with their stable housing horses D’Avie, Four Roses, and Bowmore, run the Gut Wettlkam stud farm in their home country where they sell the frozen semen of their horses for €200 ($226), per poop.

According to the Daily Mail, it all started when MÜLLER announced that D'Avie sustained an injury ahead of breeding season, something which PETA argues was ‘preventable and unnecessary.’

In a statement published by the Daily Mail, MÜLLER explained: “Unfortunately, we have bad news. Our D'Avie will not be available in the next few months. Unfortunately, he slipped during a test attempt to prepare for breeding season and fell dramatically on his side. He sustained an injury to the hoof area and will need complete rest for the next few months. He's a tough guy, and he could have been worse.”

Following the statement, PETA spokesperson Jana Hoger spoke out and brandished the practices that led to the injury as ‘unnecessary.’

Hoger said in a statement: “It is horrible that self-proclaimed horse lovers force animals in their care to perform unnatural sexual acts to profit from it. The injuries D'Avie suffered under the supervision of Lisa and Thomas Müller were preventable and unnecessary.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, there is no suggestion of wrongdoing by the MÜLLERS.

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Frank Verdeaux
Frank Verdeaux
Feb 14, 2022

They sound like a couple of weirdos to me. Too many people in the horse racing/breeding/horse sporting (whatever you want to call it) industry are bad news. There ARE a few good people left in it, though not enough to make up for the bad.


Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Feb 14, 2022

Wealthy people & their hobbies hurt animals…but as long as they can pose with them & make money…they don’t give a damn. Sickening. Shameful. Disgusting.

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