Thirty-six dogs removed from a Tacoma home as part of an animal cruelty investigation

- Washington, USA -

Pierce County Sheriff’s Office says that on Wednesday, October 14, animal control officers and deputies served a search warrant at a home in the 9000 block of Portland Avenue East in the Midland area near Tacoma, as part of an investigation into reports of animal cruelty and illegal kennel operation on the property.

36 dogs, including 15 puppies under 12 weeks old, were removed from the residence.

Authorities said it appeared many of the dogs were used for breeding and selling.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post that earlier this week investigators received a tip accusing the property owner of shooting the dogs with a pellet gun.

The tip came with drone footage.

Investigators then interviewed witnesses, collected the video evidence, and obtained a search warrant for the property.

According to the Sheriff’s Office post, the seized furbabies received a cursory examination by veterinarians.

Veterinarians will also perform detailed blood work and x-rays on the dogs over the next several days to address concerns of bloody stools and parasites, as well as scar-like marks to determine if they are from puncture wounds or pellets.

The alarming news is that back in December 2019, a similar warrant was served at this very same property for animal cruelty and animal fighting.

On that occasion, animal control removed almost 50 dogs who were found living in deplorable conditions, locked in cages, lying in their own feces, with some of them suffering from injuries and malnourishment.

In the property sheriff's deputies also found paraphernalia associated with dogfighting and breeding at the home, including medications, syringes, first-aid supplies and training tools.

41-year-old ELMER JAMES GIVENS JR. (pictured below), lives on the property.

He was arrested in December 2019, but prosecutors never charged him.

A month later he petitioned to have his dogs back!

GIVENS JR. maintained his innocence despite animal control officers’ testimony and pictures of the dogs.

The judge ruled not to give the dogs back to him!

As for this case, the Sheriff’s Office advises that no arrests have been made.

The investigation is ongoing as they await the medical reports, and continue to work with prosecutors.

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