TERRENCE LEE WILLIAMS and SHIRLEY WILLIAMS charged after dogs found chained in empty home

- West Virginia, USA -

Dunbar Police have charged 64-year-old TERRENCE LEE WILLIAMS (pictured below), and his wife, 77-year-old SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, with cruelty to animals.

On January 6, police received a call about chained dogs in an abandoned property.

Responding officers noticed a “strong foul odor” coming from the home and could hear and see dogs inside.

The property owner, SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, was tracked down at a second residence.

When she was questioned about the dogs, she told officers the dogs had been left in the care of her husband and their son.

When the son was questioned, he claimed his 16-year-old daughter had been making visits to the house twice a day.

Officers eventually got permission to enter the home where the dogs were, and they discovered four dogs covered in urine and feces.

Officers said the furbabies had urine matted in their fur.

WCHS reports that according to the criminal complaint, “the dogs were chained in an area that only allowed them to walk as much as four feet and none of them were able to reach their water and food bowls, which were empty.”

Three dogs had their skin folded under their ribs, spine,and tailbone and one couldn’t walk.

The poor souls were removed from the home and were taken to get immediate medical care.

Many thanks to whoever reported this animal cruelty case to the authorities!

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