Teen filmed while abusing his German Shepherd Bella sparks fury among people worldwide

- Texas, USA -

Yesterday (Monday, June 29), a few people contacted me bringing to my attention a disturbing case of animal abuse.

Some of you are probably thinking: ”What else is new?”

You will see in a moment.

I could not find any news outlets covering a cruel little monster who was seen on video abusing his German shepherd named Bella.

So, I shared a post published by the Facebook page The Patrick Miracle.

Today, Tuesday, June 30, the whole world is talking about it.

Reporter Randy Wallace with Fox 26 said: “There’s no doubt, the video is hard to watch, it’s taken on a life of its own on social media. Now the 10-year-old and his mother are the target of death threats.”

The mother told the reporter she was not home when the video was made.

She said that her son loves the dog and that they sleep together and do everything together.

For those of you who did not watch the video, Bella can be seen terrorized while she is being cornered by the teen who grabs her by the neck and hits her once.

Someone can be heard laughing in the background because to that person clearly animals’ lives do not matter!

Even Hollywood actor James Woods had something to say about it! He tweeted: “The abuse of the dog Bella by the thug did me in. I need to take a few days off from savages and criminals. I am so sick of abusive behavior, rioting, violence and looting, I need a break from it. See you soon, all. [I removed the video, as it was too painful for some to watch].”

Precinct 3 Constable Wayne K. Thompson during his interview with Mr. Wallace said: “We've had phone calls all day since Friday. There's petitions with over 16,000 names. People have called from Canada, London, the U.K., and from all over the United States.”

Although 37-year-old Thompson does not tolerate animal cruelty, he had the nerve to say that some of the comments have been quite repulsive about this child that are probably more worrisome than what actually occurred on the video.

“This boy was very remorseful he was crying when our investigator was over there,” said Thompson. “The dog was still showing affection for him and was sitting on his lap.”

Thompson said his investigation has turned up no evidence of animal cruelty but is still under review by the Fort Bend County District Attorney's office.

Reporter Wallace said that IF the DA’s Office decides to take action, it won’t be made public because the abuser is a juvenile!

It’s sad and worrying at the same time that the adults around this little monster are not teaching him that animals’ lives matter!


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