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Sweet kitten sold in the parking lot of a supermarket surrendered at shelter for being too “playful”

- England, United Kingdom -

Have you ever had to return a furbaby to a shelter for being too playful?

This is the story of D’Artagnan, an extremely sweet kitten separated from his mother too early.

He was then sold at a Sainsbury's parking lot, a large chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

According to Metro, the person who bought D'Artagnan, was not familiar with cats and thought he was feral.

The black and white 6-week-old furbaby was then surrendered to the leading animal welfare charity Battersea Dogs and Cats.

Metro reports it turned out that D’Artagnan wasn’t feral at all, and that “his 'wildbehavior was just your usual kitten playfulness.”

D’Artagnan was subsequently placed in a foster home where he could be cared for until he was finally ready to be adopted .

Metro reports that Cattery Team Leader Bonita Brincat said: “D’Artagnan was such a sweet little thing from the minute he arrived. While it was clear to us he was not feral, as his previous owner had believed, it is understandable that someone who hadn’t had experience with kittens before, or done detailed research in to what to expect, might mistake normal playful behavior and high energy levels as a sign of 'wildness'.

D'Artagnan has found a mom in Olivia Hadley and is settling well in his new home where he is allowed to display his nature, to be as playful as he pleases and allowed to have fun destroying the Christmas tree, lol.

As reported by Metro, Olivia said: “D’Artagnan is the perfect kitten. He is always getting up to mischief, whether it’s climbing through the blinds, jumping into a running bath (he won’t do that again), eating my porridge when my back is turned or savaging my houseplants. He’s a very confident chap and certainly fearless but is slowly learning the boundaries. He is such a loving fellow and always wants to be close, following me into every room and cuddling up whenever my lap is available.”

Olivia then added: “Like for so many people, Christmas this year was different, and we ended up spending the festive season together, just the two of us. I can’t imagine my life without him, he provides endless entertainment, company and love. My life is that much richer for having him in it. It saddens me that at such a young age he had so much upheaval, but I believe he knows now that he’s not going anywhere and that he’s stuck with me for the rest of time.

Battersea hope that D’Artagnan’s story will urge people to think carefully before adopting a new furbaby.

Spending more time at home due to COVID makes some people feel lonely and may make them decide to adopt a furbaby.

Be aware that COVID will not last forever and soon you will want to go out there and resume your life from where you paused it.

What is going to become of your new family member?

Please, do not act on impulse.

Do your homework and be absolutely sure you can fully commit to bringing an animal into your life.

Furbabies are not returnable like clothes!

Pictures shared from Metro

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
14 de fev. de 2022

Such a pretty kitty. I’m so happy D’Artagnan now has a mom that loves & understands him!!

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