STANLEY DAVIS JR. finally arrested after a report about his dog being underweight

Updated: Jan 2

- Florida, USA -

Boynton Beach Police have arrested 36-year-old STANLEY DAVIS JR. (pictured below).

Police began investigating DAVIS JR. in April following a complaint filed by a neighbor regarding his dog.

Officers found DAVIS’ 8-year-old dog living in piles of fresh and old waste, with no food and water swarming with insect larvae.

CBS 12 reports that when DAVIS was questioned about his dog, he told police that “he works as a transporter and is out of town for several days at a time. He said he fed the dog every three to four days. On the day police visited his home, he said he hadn't fed the dog in several days and noticed its poor health.”

The furbaby did not have food or water and was so underweight that ribs, spine and hip bones were showing.

Thankfully, the poor soul has since been taken in by a rescue group for adoption.

STANLEY DAVIS JR. is now facing animal cruelty charges and unlawful confinement of animals.

DAVIS JR. will be fed daily in jail. He will not come out emaciated!!!

I want to know why have a dog if you know you don’t have time for him?

Why didn’t you take him to a shelter and give him the right to have a decent life?

I truly hope that the judge who tries this case will compare it to a case of a neglected child.

What’s the difference? In both cases there is a neglected victim!!!

Many thanks to whoever reported this act of animal cruelty!

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