SHAWN WESLEY ABNER, waived his hearing in a dog abuse case

- Pennsylvania, USA -

There is an update on former baseball player 53-year-old SHAWN WESLEY ABNER.

You may remember that back in July, while he was visiting his girlfriend in Kansas, he left his 14-year-old Husky named Eagle at his residence in Mechanicsburg.

On August 7, a neighbor found Eagle decomposing in Abner’s home.

When the neighbor called Abner to tell him that Eagle had died, he responded “bury it somewhere” because he wouldn’t be home for a couple more days.

Abner was arrested on August 29 in Topeka, Kansas and charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals.

Last week he was extradited to Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, September 25, Abner appeared in district justice court to waive his right to a hearing.

By waiving the hearing, the defendant did not admit guilt but allowed all charges to proceed to Cumberland County Court for a formal arraignment which is scheduled for November 14.


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