SHANE TYLER MULLER facing charges after being caught on video abusing a defenseless puppy

- Arkansas, USA -

FOX16 reports that on Tuesday, February 16, the Fort Smith Police Department police received a call about the welfare of two dogs.

Police also received a disturbing video depicting the senseless abuse inflicted on a defenseless puppy.

In the graphic video, 28-year-old SHANE TYLER MULLEN (pictured below), can be seen slamming and violently assaulting the 6-month-old furbaby, not a man his own size, but a puppy, at a home on the 3000 block of S 66th Street.

The victim can be heard barking while being hit and MULLEN can be heard saying: “Shut the f_ _ k up.”

According to Aric Mitchell with the Fort Smith PD, the video was recorded on December 30, 2020.

Finally, on Thursday, February 18, the Fort Smith PD Criminal Investigations Division arrested MULLEN.

The evil coward is being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center with pending charges and is facing a 1st degree cruelty to animals offense.

FOX16 reports that Mitchell said the puppies have been removed from the home and are now in the care of Fort Smith Animal Services Officers.

Many thanks to whoever reported this monster to the authorities.

MONSTERS do not have a place in our society!

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