SHALANDA BLAKE VEREEN arrested after female Bulldogs were found in unhealthy conditions

- Cobb County, Georgia, USA -

45-year-old SHALANDA BLAKE VEREEN (pictured below), was arrested on Christmas Eve at her Black Oak Hollow Road house, near Powder Springs and is facing 13 animal cruelty charges.

VEREEN kept female Bulldogs in a kennel behind her house.

The poor dogs were individually caged, covered with feces, without adequate shelter, and had not received veterinary care or rabies vaccinations.

AJC reports that VEREEN’s warrant states: “Each dog appeared malnourished with its ribs showing, and what looked like being used for breeding purposes,”

The accused was booked into the Cobb jail and released the following day after posting a $30,000 bond!!!

According to 11Alive, Jennifer Nields, a humane society officer in Pennsylvania, told them: “We can’t do our job without the community being able to look out for the animals too and reporting what they see." "If they turn a blind eye, nine out of 10 chances we’ll never find them.”


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