SENSELESS and HORRIFIC suffering of innocent animals at Vivotecnia seen on undercover footage

Updated: Apr 12

- Spain -

UPDATE: April 12, 2021

Cruelty Free International (CFI) announced that The Comunidad de Madrid has suspended activities at Vivotecnia following the cruelty and abuse against animals exposed by Cruelty free International.

CFI have confirmed that together with Spanish-based animal protection organization and Cruelty Free Europe member, ADDA, they have lodged a complaint against Vivotecnia with the public prosecutor in Madrid.

According to the Guardian, on Sunday, April 11, “Madrid’s regional government said it had suspended all activity at Vivotecnia after an inspection team visited the facility and confirmed signs of animal mistreatment.””

The Guardian reports that the regional government said in a statement: “After verifying the facts, the research activities at the center were immediately, temporarily suspended, and a ban was put in place on carrying out any new projects involving animals. Officials are also in contact with police animal protection services in the event that any of the findings from the facility could constitute a criminal offence.”

All the furry victims found at the facility are now under the care and supervision of the regional government.

The poor souls are being looked after by an on-site veterinarian.

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Cruelty Free International is a leading organization working to end animal experiments worldwide and they do it by conducting investigations and exposing the reality of life for animals in laboratories.

Their latest investigation revealed what is happening at Vivotecnia in Madrid.

As reported by the Guardian, Vivotecnia is a research organization that uses animals like dogs, monkeys, rabbits, mice, mini pigs, and rats to conduct experiments for biopharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, tobacco and food industries.

The horrific and senseless suffering of innocent animals was filmed and released.

According to a Facebook post by Cruelty Free International, a whistle-blower who had worked at Vivotecnia released footage that shows “animals routinely verbally and physically abused and appalling levels of bad practice during experiments, leading to injuries and death.

The Guardian has listed some instances of the cruelty described by Cruelty Free International.

For example, fully conscious rats having blood drawn out of their eyes; a senior member of staff is seen drawing a “face” on the genitals of a male monkey who was pinned to the table while another staff member practiced collecting blood from the creature’s leg.

The Guardian reports that the footage “appears to show animals housed in barren conditions, being taunted, smacked and shaken, and cut into with no or inadequate anesthesia.”

The newspaper added that it “…..appears to show technicians shaking and swinging rats vigorously to stun them into submission prior to dosing.”

They further report that “Scissors were shown being used to decapitate young rodents. Rabbits were seen struggling in their restraint devices, falling and suffering injuries. Dogs are shown being picked up by the scruff of the neck and thrown into boxes or cages.”

Cruelty Free International started a petition addressed to Paloma Martín Martín, (Minister for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Sustainability, Comunidad de Madrid) asking to close the laboratory.

Vivotecnia CEO, Andres König, sent a statement to the Guardian which categorically denied any abuse on animals used in experiments at Vivotecnia.

The statement reads: “We work at all times to guarantee the quality of our work, always taking into account animal welfare.”

According to Veterinarian Joan Antoni Fernández Blanco, who works with the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, “In Spain, any experimentation involving animals must be approved by an ethics committee, which often includes vets and researchers who specialize in working with laboratory animals. Legislation also sets out that all personnel working with animals for scientific purposes must haveadequate prior training”.”

Well, the investigation clearly demonstrated a different reality!!!

From a recent update posted by Cruelty Free International I have learned that the organization is “taking a prosecution complaint to the police in Madrid.”

When I signed the petition, more than 156,000 signatures had already been collected.

I implore you to sign it and share it.

As I always say, there are a lot of worthless filth incarcerated worldwide.

Criminals must be used for lab testing, NOT innocent animals!

Thank you!

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