SALMAN KHAN filmed while he picks up a trusting homeless dog just to throw him from a bridge

- Madhya Pradesh, India -

A sickening video circulated on social media showing a male picking up a homeless dog and throwing him from a bridge into Bhopal’s Upper Lake.

After throwing the dog, the creep proudly smiles at the camera.

Needless to say that the footage sparked understandable outrage among decent humans.

The video eventually caught the attention of an animal rights group who filed a complaint with the authorities.

The criminal was identified as 29-year-old SALMAN KHAN (pictured below), a resident of Tila Jamalpura.

KHAN was taken into custody on Sunday, September 13, and was booked into the Shyamla Hills police station.

Reportedly, KHAN has a history of violence against animals.

There are claims that the video was shot at Boat Club Road near Van Vihar on the banks of the lake also called Bada Talab.

There is also speculation that the video is not recent but to me that’s irrelevant.

News outlets have not mentioned whether the furbaby survived or whether attempts were at least made to look for him/her.

Animal activist Vijai Rangare wrote in a Facebook post that KAHN said he tried to save the dog after filming the video.

Vijay also wrote that local activists went to the area to search for the furbaby, but the dog was not found.

They also inquired among boat club members and local fisherman, but it seems that no carcass was found.

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