RONNIE GLENN BAIN indicted on animal cruelty charges for abandoning a mama dog and her five puppies

- Tennessee, USA -

On Friday, January 14, a grand jury indicted 58-years-old RONNIE GLENN BAIN (pictured below) on multiple animal cruelty charges.

The charges refer to an incident that happened in October 2021, when a German shepherd mother dog and her five puppies were found abandoned on the side of a road in Warren County.

Back in October 2021, Warren County Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker said that on Friday, October 1, a truck driver noticed a basket containing five puppies, on Spencer Road in the area of Shellsford Road. The driver took two of the puppies and left the other three thinking they were dead. He then called Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center and was advised to take the puppies to Sparta Road Veterinary Clinic.

Later on the same day, a female driver passed by, noticed the basket, and realized that one of the puppies was moving.

The lady took the puppies home and sought veterinary care in Crossville for the puppy who was still alive.

Major Walker said the veterinarian who examined the puppy determined the furbaby was in such bad shape and the poor puppy had to be euthanized.

The following Monday, October 4, Animal Control was called to the same area regarding a German shepherd and officers determined she was the mother of the puppies.

Major Walker said at the time: “I then began an investigation along with Animal Control director Sherri Bradley. During the course of the investigation, a suspect was identified and warrants were taken out on Ronnie Glenn Bain for abandoning the animals on the side of the road.”

BAIN was charged with three counts of aggravated animal cruelty and three counts of animal cruelty.

There is a discrepancy regarding the number of the surviving puppies.

Back on October 13, 2021, the Southern Standard reported that only one puppy survived, a male later named Lazarus (pictured below).

WKRN has recently reported: “In total, three dogs survived, and are now in the custody of Warren County Animal Control.”

I will send out some emails and try to clarify this. As usual, if I get a response, I will post an update.

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