ROLF MEIER arrested for shooting neighbor’s dog who later died

- Texas, USA -

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said that on May 7, investigators and deputies executed an arrest warrant for 76-year-old ROLF MEIER (pictured below), at his residence.

The sheriff’s office said that on March 10, deputies responded to an animal cruelty report to the 15000 block of Queen Elizabeth Court in Montgomery.

Deputies found a female black Labrador retriever named Luna injured from a gunshot wound in her family’s driveway.

The sheriff’s office said that MEIER admitted to shooting his next-door neighbors’ furbaby for going potty in his yard.

The Courier reports that police spoke with Luna’s guardians, a husband and wife, and a male friend, all of whom were present when Luna later passed away.

According to charging documents, the husband and the friend said that after hearing what sounded like a gunshot’s popping sound, they saw Luna and noticed her breathing was labored.

As reported by The Courier, according to court documents “Luna was weaving side to side as she walked before laying down on the driveway. The wife said the dog was making gurgling sounds and that she found a small entrance wound.”

The Courier further reports that when the male friend went to talk with MEIER to ask him if he had heard a gunshot, MEIER told him he had shot Luna and, according to the affidavit, MEIER said: “She had s- - - in my yard.”

According to The Courier, “The deputy twice asked Meier if he feared the Labrador retriever would seriously hurt him or if she was damaging his property. He said no both times, explaining he shot the dog because he was tired of picking up feces off his yard.”

Deputies confiscated MEIER’s Gamo .177 air rifle which was used to murder Luna.

The press release by the sheriff’s office states that veterinarians at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory in College Station performed a necropsy on Luna.

The Courier reports that the results were released on March 30, and found that Luna “died from metallic air gun pellets perforating her right lung and that her injuries were consistent with gunshot wounds.”

Investigators with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, along with the assistance of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, filed for and received an arrest warrant for MEIER for animal cruelty (non-livestock), a third-degree felony.

MEIER was transported to the Montgomery County Jail where bond was set at $3,000.

Ms. Judy Leunes, founder of the nonprofit Wienerspiel, told KAGSTV: “….it sounds like the guy was in a safe situation, he could have gone in, just call animal control, which is what he should have done."

And I echo Ms. Leunes!!!

Do NOT take it upon yourself to deal with situations that can be dealt with by the authorities!!!

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