RISHABH MEHRA caught on video cruelly and repeatedly beating his puppy with a belt

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

- Delhi, India -

A gut-wrenching video surfaced on social media on November 25, showing RISHABH MEHRA (pictured below), unmercifully beating his young puppy.

The furbaby referred to as Buddy by news outlets, can be heard in the video crying and yelping in pain while MEHRA repeatedly beats the defenseless soul with a belt.

A second video then shows MEHRA slamming Buddy on the floor.

The incident happened at MEHRA’s apartment at Tower 26, Lotus Boulevard, Sector 100 in Noida.

Some news outlets have described Buddy as a 5-month-old Labrador, others have reported him being 10 months old.

A resident filmed the incident from their apartment balcony and posted the video online.

Ms. Sukriti Chauhan, an animal advocate, shared the video on Twitter and wrote: “This is a video from sector 100 noida and the sound you are hearing is of a five month old Labrador puppy that has been beaten with a belt- his thighs are broken and severe injuries on intestinal and genital areas. We need ur help.”

A Twitter user shared the video and tagged Noida Police.

Buddy was rescued by Vibha Chugh who lives nearby.

Police also responded to the scene.

Buddy was taken to a veterinary hospital in Barola where it was determined that he had a broken femur, he also sustained injuries on his thighs and his genitals.

Buddy was understandably in trauma.

Ms. Chugh told Sputnik News: “Buddy was beaten for months and one neighbor heard the puppy shrieking, whining, and made these videos. She reached out to me for help. After a heated argument with Rishabh Mehra in the presence of the cops, we managed to rescue Buddy who was traumatized and shivering in fear and pain. We immediately took him to the vet who said that its thighs are broken and have severe injuries in the genital areas.”

Buddy, who was reportedly bought from an illegal trader, is safe in the care of People for Animals but will now need multiple surgeries and long term care and support.

According to police, MEHRA was potty-training Buddy, and when the furbaby had an accident in the apartment, MEHRA started beating him.

Ms. Chugh revealed something extremely alarming.

According to her, the police officers had been bribed by MEHRA, so officers refused to file a report against him.

Ms. Chugh also told Sputnik News: “I had to wait for 13 hours at the police station and put my foot down to get the police complaint registered.”

At that point, Sukriti stepped in, and reached out to Ms. Maneka Gandhi who is the founder of “People for Animals”, and a politician.

The FIR (First Incident Report) was finally filed!

MEHRA, an IT professional, was booked under IPC Section 428 and then released.

Many celebrities and animal activists were rightfully outraged by his release and are demanding his arrest.

Sukriti said about MEHRA: “The man seems to have major anger management issues and if he can do this to an animal, he can harm humans too. He nearly killed the dog and if we wouldn't have built the pressure from the minister, the puppy would have gone back to the same abuser's hand.”

I am appalled that in the 21st century we are still reading horror stories like this one and it’s revolting that that in the 21st century there are still countries that allow these horror stories to happen.


Many thanks to all those involved who intervened and rescued Buddy from this sick monster!!!

Sputnik International – Video

Story on Voice For Us Facebook page

December 1, 2020 - UPDATE:

I have heard back from the People for Animals.

Buddy underwent surgery and will remain in the care of the nonprofit.

Buddy will not go back his abusers.

Sukriti Chauhan has created a petition focusing on two points specifically.

One is that Buddy’s abusers are strictly punished so that this incident serves as a deterrent and a lesson for those who harm animals.

Secondly, increase the penalty for those who commit animal cruelty.

Last two pictures shared from Sonia Khanna Walia' Facebook page.

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