RICHARD COYLE sentenced to 26 weeks in jail for torturing and mutilating a defenseless hedgehog

- Wales -

On Tuesday, November 3, in Newport Magistrate’s Court, 54-year-old RICHARD COYLE (pictured below), was found guilty of torturing and mutilating a hedgehog.

COYLE pleaded not guilty.

On August 27, 2019, while COYLE was camping in the area of Highfield Way, Blackwood, he trapped and senselessly tortured a defenseless hedgehog.

He first cut the legs of the poor creature.

He then proceeded to burn the small mammal.

Finally, COYLE covered the hedgehog’s tiny head and eyes with molten candle wax.

RSPCA Cymru reports that at the crime scene from COYLE’s tent, police found and seized a pair of black handled scissors, candles and a jump lead, and a kitchen knife.

RSPCA Cymru Inspector Simon Evans investigated this case.

After the incident he had said: “When police attended the location, they stated there was an overpowering stench of burning flesh/hair that came from the tent. They first thought the hedgehog - who was found in the tent with horrific injuries – was dead, but upon closer inspection the hedgehog was alive and was taken to a vet but was promptly put to sleep on welfare grounds to end his suffering.”

According to RSPCA Cymru, “At the vets it was noted that the hedgehog had both hind legs severed completely and the front left leg was missing. The front right leg was also barely attached. The head – including his eyes and around the muzzle – was covered with candle wax. The spines around the top of the head and sides appeared to be burned/singed too.”

Inspector Evans said: “It is just beyond belief that someone could do this to a defenseless creature and cause so much suffering. To think that this hedgehog was alive through this ordeal is just horrifying. This case is certainly one of the worst examples of animal cruelty I’ve ever seen.”

The Daily Mail reports that COYLE is an ex-Royal Welsh Fusilier and claimed he has PTSD for serving in Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

This monster denied the accusations against him claiming a ‘mystery person’ threw the mutilated hedgehog inside his tent.

COYLE had the audacity to tell the court: “I wouldn't hurt an animal - I'm an animal lover. My family would disown me for this. I'm no sicko.”

District Judge Martin Brown sentenced COYLE to the maximum 26 weeks imprisonment and banned him from having animals for only 10 years.

Hedgehogs are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, making it illegal to kill or capture them using certain methods.

They are also listed under the Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996, which prohibits cruelty and mistreatment.

*Voice For Us note: COYLE is the reincarnation of evil and I am simply appalled that in 2020 there are still countries without strong laws that protect animals and severely punish those who abuse and kill them.

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE that governments do nothing to protect the helpless!!!*

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

― Mahātmā Gandhi

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