REWARD offered in three cases involving the cruel and senseless abuse of defenseless kittens

- New Jersey, USA -

On Tuesday, September 8, officials have announced a reward for information in 3 animal cruelty cases against defenseless kittens that happened in Newark and Linden one day after another in the span of three days.

It’s unclear whether these cases are connected.

~ The Associated Humane Societies (AHS) reports that the first incident occurred on the evening of Friday, August 28, when a 5-month-old female kitten was discovered badly burned inside a running dryer at a laundromat in Linden.

Thankfully, the furbaby was found before she burned to death.

AHS says the kitten “sustained burns to her fur and is currently being treated for eye and ear infections as well. She is resting comfortably and expected to make a full recovery.”

~ The second case happened the following day.

On Saturday, August 29, a motorist traveling through Newark, witnessed someone throw something wrapped in a plastic bag from a moving vehicle.

In that plastic bag there was a 12-week-old kitten tightly wrapped.

Thanks to the Good Samaritan who pulled over, this innocent soul is alive.

The good news is that the male furbaby was examined and miraculously did not suffer any serious injuries.

~ The third case of cruelty against another defenseless cat happened on Sunday, August 30.

A 1-year-old male cat was abandoned behind the dumpster at the AHS facility in Newark.

The furbaby was found with a plastic bag wrapped around his front left leg.

AHS wrote on its website: “Removal of the bag revealed a severely infected and necrotic forelimb. He is now on antibiotics, pain medication, and is awaiting amputation.”


It may seem difficult or impossible even to find the monster(s) who cowardly abused these tiny beings unable to fight back.

However, nowadays a lot of people have their phones in their hands always shooting videos, taking pictures or selfies, so, if you remember being in these places on those days, check your phones in case you did capture important details without realizing it.

If you have information related to any of these cases, please come forward and speak up.

Evil must be stopped!

Please call the AHS at (973) - 824 - 7080 or email your tips. Thank you!

If you can afford to make a donation toward these furbabies’ medical bills, please visit the AHS website. Thank you!

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