REWARD offered in the case of a dog found tied to a tree by his back legs and his jaw zip-tied

- Minnesota, USA -

On Thursday, July 30, workers with the Mosquito Control Department were in a wooded area near 4th and Clarence streets in St. Paul making checks when they made a horrific discovery.

They found a dog tied to a tree by his back legs with a rope that had embedded itself in the legs down to the bone, and the mouth zip-tied.

The poor pup could not eat or drink.

Liz Gigler, director of Rescue Pets are Wonderful (RPAW), said in a video that the workers thought the furbaby was dead giving the condition he was in.

St. Paul Animal Control believes that the poor soul may have been there for up to two weeks.

Ms.Gigler said she named the pup Riptide, and she believes he is 1 year old.

Riptide had millions of maggots in every part of his body.

He was very thin, his teeth were beautifully white but unfortunately his left back leg was not savable and had to be amputated.

After surgery, Ms. Gigler was live to show how well Riptide was doing.

Ms. Gigler said maybe we will never know who did this to Riptide because there are no cameras in the woods where he was found.

Whoever did this to a defenseless animal is walking free among us maybe ready to torture another innocent soul.

St. Paul Police are investigating this case of sheer animal cruelty and The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 in exchange for information leading to a criminal conviction.

If you recognize Riptide, if you saw something suspicious or unusual that happened on that day, even details that may be insignificant to you, please, come forward and share them with the authorities.

Thank you!

Riptide cannot tell us who is the monster who did this to him so we have to find them before they can do it again.

If you can afford to make a donation toward Riptide’s medical bills you can visit

Rescued Pets Are Wonderful Facebook page.

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

Pictures via Rescued Pets Are Wonderful

Story on Voice For Us Facebook page

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