REWARD offered after a severely injured Pitbull was found dumped in a ditch

- Florida, USA -

A reward is being offered and an investigation is underway after a dog was found dumped in a ditch pretty much lifeless.

The furbaby was found on Sunday, March 28, on County Road 205, off of County Road 13 in Espanola.

A joint investigation is being conducted by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and Flagler Animal Services to find the monster(s) who dumped the sweet Pitbull believed to be the victim of illegal dogfighting. reports that Caroline Johnson, who runs Lost and Found Pets of Palm Coast and Flagler County, and Flagler Humane Society Director Amy Carotenuto named the furbaby Grace.

Sadly, Grace lost her precious life.

Caroline said that Grace “had open wounds, the biggest one on the front paw toward the chest, which was so badly infected it was pouring out infection, she couldn’t move or anything or get her head up.”

According to, a deputy talked to veterinarians at the hospital where Grace was taken and it was determined “the dog was approximately 7 to 8 years of age and arthritic. It was also septic due to its untreated injuries.”

A doctor at the hospital said: “The dog’s injuries are consistent of that of a dog being used as a bait dog. The dog’s teeth appeared to have also been filed down, a technique their owner-abusers use to keep them from fighting back or injuring attack dogs.”

Grace will be taken to an animal hospital in Gainesville for a necropsy by a forensic pathologist.

Deputies searched the area where Grace was found, and extended the search to the Espanola Cemetery, reports

Flagler Animal Control went door-to-door in Espanola, handing out a flier asking for information about Grace.

If you have information regarding this horrific case, please do the right thing, come forward and speak for Grace.

There are multiple ways to submit your tips:

You can call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477).

You can do it via the P3 Tips app.

You can do it online.

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