Rescue dog goes into premature labor losing all her puppies and adopts three orphaned kittens

- Arizona, USA -

On July 14, the nonprofit Phoenix-based ‘Sunshine Dog Rescue’ wrote on their Facebook page a welcome post to Georgia and Denver.

The furbabies were found “living” at a rural gas station on the US-Mexico border by Rocky Point.

Georgia, the Shepherd mix, was taken to the vet for a complete examination.

Two days later the shelter wrote in an update that Georgia was pregnant, and her puppies would have been born in a month or so.

Georgia went into premature labor on August 13.

The shelter wrote that her first two babies were too small and could not latch on.

They had no fur and their gender could not be established.

They sadly passed away.

Her labor stalled for about three hours.

Georgia was then rushed to have an emergency c-section and spay.

On the way to the vet, Georgia gave birth to her third baby in the car, believed to be stillborn.

The shelter wrote that: “At the time of surgery, she still had two unborn pups that were not viable and they passed away. Going into premature labor gave her babies no chance of living outside of her womb.”

During the surgery it was discovered that Georgia’s uterus had some lesions, so the shelter said that a biopsy was going to be performed.

Georgia was heartbreaking to watch as she was looking for her babies.

Staff saw her tearing the mattress up looking for them, so they removed all linens and beds from her area and replaced them with fresh ones.

Ms. Anita Osa, Executive Director of Sunshine Dog Rescue, then gave Georgia a stuffed puppy with a heartbeat and Georgia was able to relax and go to sleep.

On August 16, the shelter took in three orphan kittens and staff said that Georgia loves them, and one of them was even able to latch on.

The other two were not able to latch on strongly enough so they were being bottle-fed.

Sadly, one passed away.

On August 20, the shelter wrote that Georgia had decided on the names for her babies.

The dark gray baby is Graffiti, the tan one is Gumball, and the newest member of the family, the orange one, is Goober.

They have all opened their eyes and are gaining weight.

Meanwhile, a recent update posted by the shelter reads: “We have some not so great news to share about Georgia. When she had her emergency c-section, we had a piece of her uterus tested for TVT (transmissible venereal tumor) and the biopsy came back negative. Well, she has developed a visible tumor on her female parts and the vet does suspect it is TVT and we will need to start Georgia on chemotherapy shortly. This form of cancer is highly curable and we expect Georgia to make a full recovery. We will update again when we have a treatment plan in place. Once Georgia starts treatment her babies will likely not be able to spend time with her.”

A lot of newspapers have recently covered this story and many people are hoping that the family can be adopted together.

This story has been a major mixture of feelings, emotions, and reactions for me.

First the anger because two innocent dogs were found abandoned and then the relief for their rescue.

The joy of finding out that Georgia was pregnant and then the devastation for the loss of her babies and Georgia looking for them.

The amazement of seeing Georgia and the kittens bonding as if the diversity did not matter. At the end, anger came back.

As sweet and heartwarming as the story may be, the reality is that all this is the result of the irresponsible behavior of those humans who did not spay and neuter these innocent souls. These helpless babies have been dumped as if their lives did not matter and what makes me even angrier, is that that evil is out there doing this over and over again.

If you can afford to make a donation toward Georgia’s medical bills, please visit the shelter’s Facebook page. Thank you!

Pictures shared from Sunshine Dog Rescue Facebook page

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