Reckless UPS driver racing down private street hits and kills family dog

- Raleigh, North Carolina, USA -

Here we go again. Another innocent dog killed by a reckless UPS driver.

It happened on February 13, to the Gibbs family in Raleigh who have lost and are mourning their German Shepherd named Gucci.

The driver came racing down their private street and hit Gucci.

Gibbs’s daughter was there when it happened and witnessed the traumatizing scene.

A tearful Ms. Gibbs told ABC 11 that Gucci used to give blood at a local vet hospital saving hundreds of dogs, but he could not be saved because the trauma was too blunt.

Ms. Gibbs also said that Gucci died protecting his human sister.

She explained that their furbaby was a highly trained dog and cost them $10,000.

The Gibbs got Gucci after they were robbed in 2015 when three masked men entered their residence and stole many valuable items.

ABC 11 have contacted UPS and spokesperson Kim Krebs said: "The driver is extremely upset about the situation." "Our thoughts are with the owner during this unfortunate situation. We are investigating the incident and working through a resolution."


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