REBECCA LYNN SCHROEDERUS sentenced for dragging her parents’ puppy to death

- Wisconsin, USA -

A female who murdered a defenseless puppy in 2019, will only spend one ridiculous year behind bars.

This was the sentence handed down on March 24, in Waukesha County court against 48-year-old REBECCA LYNN SCHROEDERUS (pictured below).

Pinal Central reports that SCHRODERUS was also sentenced to two years of extended supervision and four years of probation with the condition that she does not keep or care for animals.

As reported by ABC7, on March 10, SCHROEDERUS pleaded no contest “in exchange for prosecutors dropping several felony bail jumping charges and a retail theft count.”

SCHRODERUS is accused of dragging her parents’ puppy to death, a 5-month-old English Bulldog named Dolly.

The killing happened in 2019.


Back in August 2019, the Milwaukee Journal reported that SCHROEDERUS was visiting her parents in Brookfield when on August 14, Brookfield Police responded to a home on Norhardt Drive for a report of animal abuse.

Upon arrival, officers learned that a neighbor reported seeing a woman dragging a white English Bulldog through the parking lot.

The furbaby was Dolly.

Police found Dolly lying on the ground with her legs sprawled out and with labored breathing.

Dolly was also bleeding from her mouth.

According to the criminal complaint, a neighbor told police that SCHROEDERUS had dragged Dolly by the leash for about 20 yards.

When SCHROEDERUS’ father arrived at the scene, he grabbed Dolly’s leash and gave it a tug to get the puppy up.

At first, a neighbor believed that the father was reluctant to get help for Dolly and he looked like he just wanted to get her back home.

Eventually, Dolly’s guardians took her to the veterinarian.

Sadly, the veterinary report was not reassuring.

In fact, the vet told police Dolly had significant damage to her trachea, consistent with strangulation.

The vet explained to police that Dolly was in serious condition and that her breathing was being assisted via oxygen.

The following day Dolly passed away.

SCHROEDERUS' father told police that he and his wife had bought Dolly from a breeder in July and that she did not have any pre-existing conditions.

He also added that he hadn’t taken Dolly to the vet yet.

REBECCA LYNN SCHROEDERUS tried to wash the murder off her hands and told police that she has spoken with the vet who told her that Dolly's lungs did not allow her to take walks and that the problem wasn't with the leash it was in Dolly's lungs.

Video surveillance footage from the area showed REBECCA LYNN SCHROEDERUS dragging Dolly by the leash.

REBECCA LYNN SCHROEDERUS admitted to police that maybe she “pulled a little too hard” and said she did not have any intention of harming Dolly.

Well, the judge certainly believed her crap!

As reported by WISN, SCHROEDERUS does not have a criminal record in Wisconsin, but according to the prosecutor, she has three drunken driving convictions in California.

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