RANDY WHITE fatally shot his fiancée’s puppy but claimed he did not know why as he loved the dog

- South Carolina, USA -

On Wednesday, May 6, Spartanburg Police were dispatched to a property on Adelaide Drive.

When officers arrived, they found a woman crying outside the home.

According to the report, she told police that her fiancé, RANDY WHITE (pictured below), had shot her dog, and when she grabbed her child and tried to leave, he grabbed her by the hair and said he was not going to allow her to leave.

Reportedly, WHITE was looking for the TV’s remote control under the bed where the furbaby was lying.

WHITE, who had been drinking heavily, claimed that the dog growled at him, so he left the bedroom, came back with a gun, told his fiancée to get off the bed, and got on his knees and shot at the dog twice.

Sadly, one bullet instantly killed the furbaby.

The second bullet was found lodged in the wall.

At that point, WHITE’s fiancée attempted to leave with her child, but WHITE stopped them.

The accused then wrapped up the deceased pup and put him in the trash can outside their home.

RANDY WHITE was taken into custody from the garage of the home.

When he was questioned, he told the officers he didn’t know why he killed the dog as he was an animal lover.

WHITE was charged with domestic violence second degree, discharging a firearm into a dwelling, and ill-treatment of animals.


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