RACHEL USSERY-WELCH arrested after malnourished dog and other animals rescued

- Arizona, USA -

On April 18, 2021, authorities rescued from a Phoenix home one cat, five dogs, two chickens, and six reptiles found to be living in deplorable conditions.

Sadly, fifteen other animals were discovered deceased on the property.

Phoenix Police say they're grateful for the two callers who reported seeing neglected animals at this home.

FOX10 reports that Sergeant Margaret Cox with the Phoenix Police Department said: “The officers that responded described a very foul smell, and they looked - a human wouldn't live there. To see all these animals, and these dogs basically howling in distress for someone to feed them or to give them water.”

The cat and the dogs were immediately transported to the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital to be treated.

The reptiles were taken in by the Phoenix Herpetological Society while the chickens were placed in the care of New Dawn Sanctuary.

As reported by FOX10, Tracey Miller with the Arizona Humane Society said: “We are estimating the animals were possibly in there for at least a month, by themselves, without any food or water.”

On May 11, the Arizona Humane Society said in a Facebook post that among the four dogs, there was a female Great Dane/Mastiff Mix, named Pandora, weighing just 57 pounds.

AHS said that at her age and for her breed, Pandora should weigh double that amount.

Pandora was found locked in a crate with no food or water.

Pandora was rushed to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital for her injuries and her severe dehydration.

AHS said: “Sadly, Pandora was in the worst shape and was suffering from dehydration, several wounds, an ear infection, hookworms and a poor coat likely due to a lack of proper nutrition. Under AHS’ care, Pandora gained almost 10 pounds in her first 10 days and will require ongoing medical care, including a feeding schedule, as well as foster care for additional healing and weight gain.”

The day following the rescue, Phoenix Police arrested RACHEL USSERY-WELCH (pictured below), and she is now facing 12 counts of animal cruelty charges.

Investigators say that at one point, a couple had been living in the home with more than 30 animals and then one person moved out.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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