RACHEL PARRISH arrested after 44 animals were seized from her property

- Arkansas, USA -

Police were called to a residence on 15312 Malico Mountain Road for an animal complaint.

When officers arrived, they smelled urine and feces coming from inside the property.

They then made contact with 38-year-old RACHAEL PARRISH (pictured below), who told them she runs an animal rescue called Deepwoods Rescue.

However, she did not provide any paperwork to confirm this.

Police say that two dogs were tied up and one was on a short chain.

When officers were let in the house, they found the dogs without food and water; some of them were jumping and fighting with each other and other dogs were losing their hair and were underweight.

Washington County Animal Control deputies and the Washington County League of Animals seized 44 animals from the property including dogs, cats, rabbits, and a new litter of 10 puppies who will not be up for adoption until the criminal proceedings have been finished.

Prior to this animal seizure, three dogs that PARRISH took to a vet died for lack of water and food.

RACHAEL PARRISH was arrested Monday, December 23, and released the next day!

KARK.com reports that she is scheduled to appear back in court January 24.

She is facing 20 counts of cruelty to animals, three counts of aggravated animal cruelty and theft of property.


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