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Queen’s guitarist Brian May launches badger-smelling cologne to raise money to protect wildlife

Ladies, leave a spot next to your favorite perfume, make space for a new fragrance!

Dr. Brian May, legendary guitarist with rock group Queen, launched a fragrance with the scent “sandalwood and badger” to help protect wildlife.

The 73-year-old musician has partnered with Xerjoff boss Sergio Momo on the perfume called ‘Save Me’ after the group's 1980 hit.

Brian says the perfume smells "amazing".

He added: “The scent has deliberately earthy overtones — a hint of clean badger fur, some sandalwood and something a bit limey. It’s surprisingly refreshing and hopefully will fly off the shelves.”

Metro reports that Brian said: “I’m excited about this unique collaboration. My great friend Sergio Momo has, with great generosity, designed a new perfume to benefit wildlife, through the famous company he created – Xerjoff – working with the Save Me Trust. Compassion has never smelled so sweet! “

Money raised from the sale of the cologne will go to Save Me Trust, an organization founded in 2010 by Brian and Ann Brummer to “protect the welfare and dignity of wild animals.”

Brian is known for his work protesting against badger culls.

Dothan Eagle reports that last year he hailed the British government's new policy to phase out the slaughtering of wild animals in favor of a vaccine to tackle bovine TB.

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