Police are investigating possible dog poisoning in the north part of Columbus

- Ohio, USA -

Police are investigating possible dog poisoning in the north part of Columbus, particularly in an area where a resident, Ms. Elaine Putnam, received an anonymous and threatening note (pictured below) regarding her dog barking.

Elaine received the note in the mail in May.

As you can see, the note reads: “Hey Fat Girl, you better figure out a way to stop your f****** dog from barking in the backyard all day-or- it will get a couple rat poisoned meatballs. You Decide! Welcome to Melrose Street.”

Elaine was understandably worried and not just for her dog, but also for her children.

Back then she filed a report with Columbus Police but they could not do much until last week when they went to Elaine’s house to ask about her neighbor’s dog, a Bull terrier named Gypsy, who had possibly been poisoned. (Gypsy is pictured below).

Gypsy was rescued a few years ago by her mom Hannah Broadway who is now devastated.

Hannah and her girlfriend woke up on Friday, January 10, to find the furbaby in a pool of blood.

Columbus Humane is investigating Gypsy’s death and waiting on the results of a necropsy.

nbc4i.com reports that: “The Franklin County Animal Care and Control is also aware that this is happening and said that they have now seen six dogs that have shown signs of being possibly poisoned, all from North Linden. Two of those pets had to be put down. Unfortunately, they are anticipating it to happen to more dogs.”

10TV reports that: “Between Elaine's zip code 43224 and neighboring zip code 43211, they found 11 cases of dogs showing symptoms of possible poisoning, all within just the last year.”

Columbus Humane is offering a $5,000 reward in exchange for information leading to the identification of the despicable individual(s) responsible for killing innocent dogs.

Many so-called human beings consider animals a nuisance that must be eliminated because they are so arrogant to think they are superior and believe that animals are not entitled to inhabit this planet. Just sheer ignorance. Who is to say that people aren’t the ones who are a nuisance to the animals?

Anyone with information should call 614-777-PETS, extension 250.

Please, come forward and speak up with any information you have regarding any of these cases. Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animals cruelty is the same as committing it!*



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