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Please bring your pets inside during winter

Winter is back in many parts of the world.

Although animal shelters, vets, and animal welfare organizations run campaigns and launch appeals to make sure that pets’ parents do not leave furry members of the family outside or in cars, we read heartbreaking stories of animals being abandoned in the cold every day.

Please, if you realize that you cannot take care of your animals, reach out to shelters for help.

If one shelter says they are full, contact the authorities, but do not abandon or leave your pets outside in cold temperatures.

If you found the time to get a pet, find the time to care for them!

If you see animals tethered outside in the cold, please contact the authorities, be the voice of those who cannot ask for help.

Please, report strays you see abandoned to animal services so they can be rescued and cared for.

Don’t let your indifference abandon them too!

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