People are throwing their furbabies out of buildings following FAKE news about the Coronavirus

- China -

Some of you may find this story too graphic to read.

People have been throwing their pets from their apartment buildings following FAKE news stating the Coronavirus can be passed on by animals.

The source of the outbreak, Wuhan, saw one innocent dog being thrown from an apartment building in Tianjin City in Hebei Province.

According to local media, the dog was thrown from the upper floors at 4:00 a.m., after which the pup smashed into the sunroof of a car before landing on the ground.

The Sun reports that: “Five cats were also thrown to death in Shanghai, with locals apparently saying they were pets as they had smooth and clean fur, say unconfirmed reports.”

Reportedly, these incidents happened as a result of a statement made by Dr Li Lanjuan on China Central Television. He said that: "if pets come into contact with suspected patients, they should be quarantined."

A local TV outlet, Zhibo China, twisted the Doctor’s words and said: "Cats and dogs can spread the coronavirus." reports that Mr. Keith Guo, who is PETA’s Asia press officer for China, said: “We hope the police can find the cold-blooded guardians of those poor animals as soon as possible.”

On Wednesday, January 29, China Global Television Network posted a quote from the World Health Organisation in an attempt to put an end to the false and dangerous claims.

It read: "There is no evidence showing that pets such as cats and dogs can contract the novel coronavirus."


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