PARKER FOSTER accused of leaving ten animals behind when he moved out of his apartment

- Maine, USA -

Livermore Falls PD Lieutenant Joseph Sage said that 20-years-old PARKER FOSTER moved out of his apartment on 121 Main Street and left behind one hamster, two dogs, two rabbits, and five cats. FOSTER moved out of the apartment a couple of months ago and left all the helpless creatures with no food or water.

Sadly, all five cats were discovered dead and three of them had been “cannibalized by other animals”, reports Sun Journal.

The rabbits, who were being kept in a cage, were also found deceased.

Lt. Sage said that the poor animals were not fed or given water and were not let outside to relieve themselves resulting in the apartment being covered with animal feces.

According to Lt. Sage, neighbors complained to police about the smell.

On November 13, FOSTER was charged with ten counts of cruelty to animals. His girlfriend moved with him but no charges were filed against her.

Lt. Sage issued FOSTER seven summonses on seven felony counts of cruelty to animals for the two rabbits and five cats who were abandoned and died.

Lt. Sage additionally issued FOSTER three summonses on three misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals for the two dogs and one hamster he abandoned and that were still alive.

Although the dogs survived, they were malnourished and have health problems.

The hamster, who was also in a cage, was unscathed.

All three of them have been cared for and have new homes, as FOSTER forfeited his right to “own” the animals.

FOSTER is scheduled to appear at Lewiston District Court on January 5, 2022, to face charges.

Sun Journal explained that “a conviction on each of the felony cruelty to animal charges is punishable by up to five years in prison and a maximum $5,000 fine. A conviction on each of the misdemeanor charges carries a maximum 364 days in prison and up to a $2,000 fine.”

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