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Panda a lucky Washington cat turned up in Alaska and then returned back home thanks to a fundraiser

- Washington - Alaska, USA -

A cat living in Washington state ended up in Alaska and was then reunited with his guardians a few days ago.

Josh and Christina Clevenger said their cat Panda has always loved to travel but his daily adventures were happening within the neighborhood until his last one that took him way out of state.

Clevenger posted an appeal on Facebook when Panda did not return home after being out, for nearly a week.

Clevenger wrote: “Looking for our Cat named Panda. Has been gone for a week. He does usually run off but he comes back. He’s always ready for when dad comes home for lunch and he has not been coming. Very worried and just want him home. If anyone has seen him or picked him up we don’t blame you [he’s] adorable and [quite] the little lover so all I’m asking is for you to bring him home. I promise he is in a loving caring home that misses him sooooo freaking much! Corner of James Rd and Independence Rd in Rochester.

PLEASE come home Panda PLEASE

Meanwhile, someone more than 3,000 miles away from Panda’s home, posted an appeal of their own on Facebook.

Mr. Liam Poole, a Home Depot employee in Alaska, posted on a King County animal lost and found page that a black and white cat had been randomly found in the back of a delivery truck.

Cattitude Daily reports: “With incredibly good luck and timing, Christina’s aunt just happened to see that post and was amazed at how much the cat looked like Panda.”

Despite the fact that Panda is irresponsibly let out to roam exposed to potential danger and abuse, he is not microchipped.

Reportedly, his guardians were able to identify him thanks to his unique markings and collar.

Panda’s guardians received help from a nonprofit called ‘United Angels’ to get Panda back in Washington.

United Angels set up a fundraiser to help pay for Panda’s journey.

While Panda was in Alaska, he stayed with fosters and was examined by a vet.

Panda was reunited with his guardians after 29 days.

He must have been scared and confused.

Panda cannot tell us how he turned up in ‘The Last Frontier’.

Cattitude Daily reports that “The running theory is that the curious cat entered a freight container near his home in Rochester and was locked inside. That container was then put on a barge to Alaska, and then it was trucked to a Home Depot in Kenai. By the time the employee opened the truck and found him, Panda had most likely gone 9 days with no food or water.”

I wish more furparents were more aware of what could happen to our furbabies when they are allowed to roam outside without our supervision.

We hear and read about animal related stories every day and sadly, not all of them have a happy ending like this one.

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