Norfolk Animal Control investigating after three black cats were found with severe burns

- Virginia, USA -

The rescue organization Feral Affairs Network (FAN) found three black cats with severe burns on 41st Street in Highland Park, Norfolk on three separate occasions.

The furbabies are part of a feral colony that lives in the area.

News 3 reports that first incident happened in March, the second on October 31, and the third on November 8.

Dr. Melissa Frick, associate veterinarian at Dog & Cat Hospital in Norfolk told News 3 that they believe the burns were malicious.

Ms. Cassandra Presanna, volunteer at FAN, said: “We hate to see any animals injured especially with such a severe injury like this that could potentially be caused by a person, that is really scary and very sad.”

FAN is giving the cats all the medical support they need.

The furbaby who was found in October, named Dolores, is still receiving medical care for her burns.

Ms. Presanna also said: “We were wondering if there was a pattern and somebody was targeting black cats specifically.”

A case has been opened by Norfolk Animal Control.

If you have any information regarding these horrific incidents, please come forward and speak up for the VOICELESS VICTIMS.

Please call Animal Control at (757) - 823 - 4479. Thank you!

As Ms. Presanna rightfully said: “This is shocking and scary to be happening on our street, we want to make sure that cats are safe, and whoever might be doing something like this is caught.”

If you wish and can afford to donate towards FAN’s amazing work, please click here. Thank you!

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