NATHANIEL BRYANT arrested after dog found decomposing in backyard

- Vero Beach, Florida, USA -

On October 10, a deputy with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office responded to a property in the 3900 block of 47th Street regarding an animal abuse complaint.

A report states that once on the scene, the deputy smelled a decomposing animal.

In the property the deputy found and questioned 51-year-old NATHANIEL BRYANT.

Both went to the home’s backyard and the officer discovered a dog tied to a crate unable to fully move around.

The officer asked BRYANT to show him the other dog.

Sadly, he was found dead.

At the sight of the lifeless pup, BRYANT yelled: “Oh, the dog is dead.”

The man justified the smell by saying that he thought it was the trash smelling that badly.

He also told the deputy that he was taking care of the dogs while his nephew was in jail, but, because of his diabetes, the bugs, and the tall grass, he did not properly look after them.

According to IRCSO, BRYANT was arrested on Wednesday, October 23, on a charge of misdemeanor cruelty to animals.

He posted bail the next day.

The accused is scheduled to appear in court December 6.


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