NATHAN TRAMTE arrested for viciously beating his former girlfriend’s cat to death

- Ohio, USA -

29-year-old NATHAN TRAMTE (pictured below), senselessly, cruelly, and cowardly beat a cat to death and is now facing a felony charge.

The incident happened on Saturday, October 31, at his former girlfriend’s apartment they were sharing together.

The victim is a 7-year-old named Star.

Star’s guardian, Tiffany Gunter, told the Fox 8 I-Team: “He brutally beat my cat to death and the poor, innocent thing could not help herself and I wasn’t there. We were told she died of basically blunt force trauma to her head.”

Ms. Gunter said that TRAMTE gave different versions of what happened to Star until he finally admitted to the police what he really did to her.

Ms. Gunter told reporter Peggy Gallek that on other occasions she found that something was off with Star, but it’s unclear whether or not she had reported TRAMTE on those occasions.

The murderer is accused of violating Goddard’s Law, which makes it a felony to torture, neglect or murder companion animals in Ohio.

On Monday, November 2, TRAMTE entered a not guilty plea and walked FREE after posting a ridiculous and offensive $30,000 bond.

Ms. Gunter and her mother, Michelle Novak rightfully said they want justice for Star.

Ms. Novak said: “I want him to get the full sentence that is allowed for this. I do definitely think he needs to be evaluated. I don’t think he should be out walking the streets.”

I agree with her!

Those who abuse animals should PERMANENTLY deprived of their freedom, and, as I always say: “You took a life, now you give yours!

In the meanwhile, a petition has been created addressed to Lake County Prosecuting Attorney Charles E. Coulson, asking that NATHAN TRAMTE is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and protect all animals in the future from the same brutal torture and death.

I will email reporter Ms. Peggy Gallek with Fox 8 to find out if TRAMTE showed up at his hearing and what the outcome was.

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