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Motul ends animal exploitation and introduces motorized carriages to replace the horse-drawn ones

- Yucatán, Mexico -

Let’s start the day with a piece of good news!

Manuel Dzib and Daniel Campos are two friends who started working on an important project two years ago, which they were able to complete despite the pandemic and the lack of employment.

Manuel and Daniel have built a motorized carriage to replace horse-drawn carriages which will effectively put an end to animal exploitation in Motul.

So, as reported by The Yucatán Times, “If you visit Motul, Yucatan, you can enjoy a ride on a motorized carriage, with which the municipality is saying goodbye to animal exploitation.”

Manuel said: “Due to the pandemic, we were left without a job and we decided to build a motorized carriage. I have been a calesero for many years, Daniel’s father has been a calesero all his life, and the intention to manufacture the vehicle was also born there.”

He then explained: “Everything was made by hand, we did the entire structure and assembly, the rear part is from a motorcycle, the front part is from a car, and the top part is made just like the regular carriages, with its emblematic parts.”

They recalled that the attraction seeks to adapt to the next animal protection laws, as well as to continue the emblematic tradition that has been carried out for many years.

Mexico News Daily reports that Motul has become the second city in the state to replace horse-drawn carriages with motorized ones.

Mérida was the first city in the state to begin using gas-powered buggies in November 2019.

According to Mexico News Daily, in 2017 horse-drawn carriages were banned in Guadalajara, Jalisco and speaking at the time, then-mayor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez said: “We cannot continue to mistake the idea of tradition with animal abuse. That no longer has a place in Guadalajara; we’ve put a stop to it today.”

I absolutely echo that!

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