MICHELLINE JOY TOULOUSE, former animal rescue employee, charged with aggravated animal cruelty

- Florida, USA -

The Sunrise Police Department arrested 37-years-old MICHELLINE JOY TOULOUSE (pictured below) after officers found dozens of cats, dead and alive, inside her home on Northwest 94th Avenue in Sunrise in May 2021.

Back in June, Newsweek reported that TOULOUSE had previously worked with Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, “but was let go after allegedly stealing from the organization.”

TOULOUSE, who is the founder and president of Love is Feral, Inc, was arrested on Tuesday, September 14, on twelve counts of aggravated animal cruelty and one count of cruelty to animals.

WSVN explained that of the twelve counts, nine are for cats found dead and three are for cats found near death.

Miami Herald reports that an officer wrote in TOULOUSE’s arrest report: “The defendant ... did knowingly, unlawfully, inhumanely, and intentionally cause excessive and repeated infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering to 63 cats, by housing them inside of an abandoned, closed residence, exposing them to feces and urine with no exchange of air and depriving them of necessary substance.”

Miami Herald further reports that according to the arrest report, “the cats were left alone for months in the abandoned home. Police said nine cats were found dead and 54 were found in bad condition. Police say it appeared that some cats fed on the dead animals.”

A Facebook post published by Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation reads: “Today we are saddened but relieved that Michelline has been arrested and will be prosecuted and held accountable for her crimes for the horrible neglect the animals in her possession have suffered. It is unimaginable that a fellow rescuer would be responsible for such horrors. We are very grateful to the Sunrise Police Department for taking these crimes so seriously and diligently working up this case as too many police departments choose not to do. Especially in South Florida, crimes against animals are too frequently ignored, and as a result, many vulnerable populations are at an increased risk. It is well established that there is a connection between crimes against animals and people. The rescue community is a powerful one and when they join forces to make their voices heard, Justice prevails.”

As reported by WSVN, TOULOUSE is technically under arrest by Sunrise Police and she will be taken to the Broward County Jail once she is released from the Broward Health Medical Center where she was admitted following a car crash earlier this month. (KARMA)

Her room is guarded by a police officer.

As of Wednesday, September 15, TOULOUSE did not show up in Broward County Sheriff’s Office online inmate search.

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