MICHAEL FORE finally located and arrested

- Redwood City, California, USA -

Redwood City Police were looking for the subject in the pictures who was caught on camera abusing a small defenseless dog.

The individual filmed himself while he was swinging the helpless pup by the leash and if that was not cruel enough, he then slammed the furbaby onto the ground.

Police say that the incident took place on Sunday, October 27 in the area of Avocet Drive.

After police reached out to the public for help with the identification of the man, tips just poured in and police were able to arrest 30-year-old MICHAEL FORE.

On October 30, FORE was tracked down at his residence in East Palo Alto on 45 Newell Road.

Everbridge Nixel reports that: “During the arrest, the Suspect attempted to evade the officers by climbing out onto the balcony from his third-floor apartment and onto the roof of the apartment complex. The officers detained the Suspect on the rooftop without further incident and placed him under arrest.”

The accused was booked into the San Mateo County Jail and charged with felony animal cruelty.

The pup abused by FORE was not his.

Detectives located the dog’s parent who was not aware of what went on.

Thankfully, the pooch is doing fine.


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